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Riki’s Third Tattoo

I like geeky stuff. This tattoo is from a Japanese cartoon or anime. I like the design. It’s my personality. It’s my body. This is my geeky side.   Everyone wants to know: Are you afraid? No. It didn’t hurt. Maybe a little spasm. But in general, I have a high tolerance for pain, so […]

Meredith the Magnificent Magician

Meredith solves her friends’ problems with her magical powers. How did she do that? Shooting and editing with the students at Staten Island Technical High School provided budding Lifestyles actors with a chance to have a good time making an intriguing video. Lifestyles for the Disabled collaborated with Staten Island Technical High School to create […]

Take a tour of Italy with Giuseppe

Giuseppe looks right at home strolling around Italy, the thing he wanted to do most if he could do anything. Members of Lifestyles Media Department traveled to New Dorp  to join the high school students at Staten Island Tech for some cool sessions in their TV studio. In addition to a control booth and three […]

'Talented Fish' with Lifestyles and St. John's U

Aspiring scholars from Lifestyles for the Disabled traveled to St. John University’s Staten Island campus to collaborate on projects that taught them about the “Mysteries of the Ocean.” At their final class, they take a few minutes to share what they learned about “The Talents of Fish” and other underwater creatures with Lifestyles videographer Meredith […]