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Life-Wire 8 Big 2016 Predictions

We asked our Life-Wire News Crew to make their predictions for 2016. Here are their prognostications: The Giants will whoop the Jets in the Superbowl 50. -Mike Cilmi. The 75th Anniversary of Disney’s Dumbo will be a major story in 2016. -Andrew Moszenberg. In 2016, a mechanical suit to help people with Cerebral Palsy walk will go […]

Small Island, Big Dreams – the Music of Karlus Trapp

One small place that is known for making people’s big dreams come true is a little island called Manhattan. Right across the water from Manhattan is yet another little island called Staten, where people’s dreams also come true. One dreamer who comes from Staten Island is Karlus Trapp. Trapp recently visited the radio station of […]