Life-Wire 8 Big 2016 Predictions

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We asked our Life-Wire News Crew to make their predictions for 2016. Here are their prognostications:

  1. The Giants will whoop the Jets in the Superbowl 50. -Mike Cilmi.
  2. The 75th Anniversary of Disney’s Dumbo will be a major story in 2016. -Andrew Moszenberg.
  3. In 2016, a mechanical suit to help people with Cerebral Palsy walk will go into production. -Joseph Padalino.
  4. Sherlock Holmes 3 with Robert Downey, Jr. will be a major hit in 2016. -Anthony DiFato.
  5. There will be motels in space in 2016.  -Sam Stone.
  6. There will be peace in Iraq in 2016.  -Dolores Palermo.
  7. The Bulls will face the Knicks in the 2016 NBA Finals.  -Jonathan Chernok and Roy Aguis.
  8. The Beatles will reunite in 2016, featuring Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr with Dhani Harrison and Sean Lennon. -Anthony Buscarello.

IMG_0295 crop(Left to right): Life-Wire News Service journalist Andrew Moszenberg and locations director Megan Welch ring in the new year. -Photo: Anthony DiCostanzo.

Small Island, Big Dreams – the Music of Karlus Trapp

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One small place that is known for making people’s big dreams come true is a little island called Manhattan. Right across the water from Manhattan is yet another little island called Staten, where people’s dreams also come true. One dreamer who comes from Staten Island is Karlus Trapp.

Trapp recently visited the radio station of Lifestyles for the Disabled for an interview and a performance.  This recording includes the radio premiere of his song “Island Boy,” which talks about growing up on Staten Island and people’s assumptions. Trapp started his musical career at the early age of five, when he started taking piano lessons. Since then, his love of music had continued to grow.  By the age of eleven, he and his friends had started to teach themselves how to play the guitar. Now Trapp plays both the acoustic and amplified guitar. Describing his style, he says, “It’s Karlus Trapp music. I’m influenced by the music of Kansas City and California and England, Motown, the Beatles, New Orleans, rock and roll, jazz from the 30’s, so my music can’t be classified.”

Today, Trapp plays his music around the Island and the New York City area. He can be seen performing at Staten Island’s Burrito Bar and Bayou Restaurant as well as at many local events, including weddings, festivals, and other parties.  You can find more information on Trapp online at Listen to Trapp’s interview at the Lifestyles Audio Vault on SoundCloud.  

– Gregory Perosi with Teresa Cannon for Life-Wire News Service