Murray Schneps, Willowbrook Parent, Speaks Out

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Murray B. Schneps relates the story of his daughter Lara, who resided at Willowbrook State School, at the recent Staten Island Developmental Disabilities Council Community Breakfast. The author of “I See Your Face Before Me: A Father’s Promise” spoke at the event at The Vanderbilt on Staten Island, February 26, 2016, in support of group housing for people with developmental disabilities.

Photos: Meredith Arout for Life-Wire News Service.

Rally for Direct Care Workers

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Across New York State direct care service providers, self-advocates, and their families gathered to support a $15 minimum wage for direct care workers at rallies organized by the Coalition of Service Providers. Outside the New York City office of Governor Andrew Cuomo supporters rallied on Friday, March 11, 2016 to have their voices heard together.  The following photos by Meredith Arout for Life-Wire News Service captured the event.

Watch our rally coverage:

Keeping the Promise: SIDDC Breakfast

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The Staten Island Developmental Disabilities Council’s Annual Community Breakfast: “Keeping the Promise: It Matters to Us” was held February 26, 2016 at The Vanderbilt in South Beach.  NYS Senator Diane Savino and NYS Assembly Representative Nicole Malliotakis heard the concerns of advocates for and families of people with disabilities.

Life-Wire News Service’s Meredith Arout photographed the event and filed the following video report.

Next, we will post the keynote presentation at the SIDDC Breakfast:   Murray Schneps, author of “I See Your Face Before Me,” a personal account of his experience of having a child enrolled in Willowbrook State School, discusses his concern that New York State may return to the institutional system.

FTL MODA at NYFW: Fashion w/o Boundaries

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This year’s runway trends were diversity and inclusion at the February 15, 2016 FTL MODA show with models Madeline Stuart, Tiffany Tennille, Shaholly Ayers, Fausto Di Pino, Rebekah Marine, Dionne Michelle, and others. The show featured fashions by Josefa DaSilva, LuLu et GiGi, Dunyah, Adolfo Sanchez, Dear Rain, Mr. Decurtis, and FuMo Bespoke.  Life-Wire correspondents Meredith Arout and Eric Schwacke spoke with musicians Chris Reeder and Meredith O’Connor, Josefa, Dionne and Fausto for their thoughts on this extraordinary fashion event.

Madeline Stuart (left) and Fausto Di Pino (right).  Photo: Meredith Arout for Life-Wire News Service.



FTL MODA Fashion Week Preview

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Inclusion was in fashion Saturday night as FTL MODA previewed their New York Fashion Week presentation.  Our Eric Schwacke and Meredith Arout interviewed the models who would walk the runway on Monday night, along with some of the other personalities behind the show.  Meet Madeline Stuart, the young Australian model who has been making waves around the world since bursting onto the fashion scene; Rebekah Marine, who is known as the Bionic Model and spokesperson for the Lucky Fin Project; Shaholly Ayers, brand ambassador for Global Disability Inclusion; Meg O’Connell of Global Disability Inclusion; and Iliana Niccolini, producer of the event and the FTL MODA platform.  Global Disability Inclusion has sponsored the FTL MODA show for three years in a row.

Photography: Meredith Arout for Life-Wire News Service.

Inclusion in Fashion II: FTL MODA Runway Show

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Last night, FTL MODA presented the latest fashions in their trademark inclusive runway show for this season’s New York Fashion Week.  The show at the Lower East Side’s Angel Orsensaz Foundation.  Top models who exemplify inclusion came of for the event, including Madeline Stuart, Rebekah Marine, Shaholly Ayers, Fausto Di Pino, and others. Life-Wire’s Meredith Arout captured the show in the following photography set.


All photos by Meredith Arout for Life-Wire News Service.

Inclusion in Fashion: FTL Moda Preview

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FTL MODA‘s show at New York Fashion Week celebrates every body with the inclusion of extraordinary models.  Life-Wire News Service photo-journalist Meredith Arout documented the February 13 preview event in this photo set, featuring Madeline Stuart, Rebekah Marine, Shaholly Ayers, and more.

Photos: Meredith Arout for Life-Wire News Servcice.  #IamNYFW