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Wavertree/Peking: Tale of Two Tall Ships

The Peking and Wavertree, both taking their turns at Caddell Dry Dock for repairs. One ship is done the other one is being repaired. One has returned to South Street the other is taking a long voyage.

Mount Loretto Trails Open to All

“When we build a trail to be accessible, it’s for everyone,” Carole Fraser, Universal Access Coordinator for the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC), told Padalino. “It isn’t only for people with disabilities, it’s for people with small children in strollers. It’s for older adults and everyone to come and enjoy these spaces together. Everyone can come and be more accepting of each other.”

Tall Ships Regatta, Spain

“My father works at sea, and I enjoy taking photographs,” said Rafa Nuca, a photographer for NWN/Photo, a Spanish photo agency featuring the work of photographers with disabilities.

Willowbrook Mile Ribbon Cutting

“The problem wasn’t that people didn’t care.” Rivera continued. “The problem was that the whole notion that you could mass-produce care for the developmentally disabled the way you mass produce cars was very deeply flawed. It was doomed to fail.”

Kamp Kiwanis, an Upstate Summer Oasis

“I never fished in my life,” said camper Anthony Pabon. “It was a good experience, but at first I thought, ‘ I really don’t want to do this.’ The sun was beating down on you, and I didn’t think fishing was really my thing.”

Hillside Special Swim Meet

I medaled in the individual medley – 50 meters of freestyle, backstroke, butterfly, breast stroke. I was kicking my feet like a bullet or a bat ski boat — like batman was inside me, driving me.
– John Buttermark