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Rehersals with Motxila 21, Pamplona

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Mila Barricarte and Daniel Muñoz told us about us their experience:

On Thursday, March 23, Mila and Daniel went to photograph Motxila 21 [a band from Pamplona that includes many musicians with Down Syndrome]. “We arrived at 7 a.m. They rehearsed in the district of La Chantrea. Roberto and María José were waiting for us. ” On entering, Daniel says he saw several soccer buddies and Mila who noticed that there were many instruments (drums, a bass drum, a drums, a bass …) and photos of the group: “it was a very cool place.” Daniel also told us: “We were a little nervous, because it was the first time we photographed people we do not know. They played several songs while we took pictures of them. ” Mila says that the camera did not work well, that it tried to shoot but it did not obtain it. Daniel did not dare to approach so many people and so many cables. “We took several photos and stayed for a while to listen as they played. In the end they took a picture of us all together. We had a great time and we would like to repeat. ”

Many thanks to the components of Motxila 21 for giving us the opportunity to photograph them and make us a gap in their calendar that we know they have very tight.

  • MILA BARRICARTE AND DANIEL MUÑOZ Students of the school E.E. El Molino,
  • Photos and text, courtesy of NWN Photo.



Mila Barricarte y Daniel Muñoz nos cuentan su experiencia:

El jueves 23 de marzo, Mila y Daniel fueron a fotografiar a Motxila 21 [una banda de Pamplona que incluye a muchos músicos con síndrome de Down].  Quedamos a las 7. Ensayaban en un local de la Chantrea. Allí nos esperaban Roberto y María José”. Al entrar, Daniel dice que vio a varios compañeros de fútbol y Mila que se fijó en que había muchos instrumentos (tambores, un bombo, una batería, un contrabajo…) y fotos del grupo: “era un sitio muy chulo”. Daniel también nos contó: “Estabamos un poco nerviosos, porque era la primera vez que fotografiábamos a personas que no conocemos. Tocaron varias canciones mientras les hacíamos fotos”. Mila cuenta que la cámara no funcionaba bien, que intentaba disparar pero no lo conseguía. Daniel no se atrevía a acercarse con tanta gente y tantos cables. “Hicimos varias fotos y nos quedamos un rato a escuchar como tocaban. Al final nos hicieron una foto a todos juntos. Lo pasamos muy bien y nos gustaría repetir”.

Muchas gracias a los componentes de Motxila 21 por darnos la oportunidad de fotografiarles y hacernos un hueco en su calendario que sabemos lo tienen muy apretado.

  • Fotos y texto, cortesía de NWN Photo.


Spanish Dance Troupe Demonstrates Inclusion

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Paco Santos of NWN Photography recently shot the dancers from the Danza Down, Compañía Elías Lafuente in a recent rehearsal. The beautiful images show the great self-esteem of the dancers.
Danza Down, Compañía Elías Lafuente is a company of dancers who have down syndrome. It shows that having an intellectual or physical disability shouldn’t prevent you from doing what you want to do.  The photos show how people feel when they dance.  We see that no matter what kind of disability you have, you can do anything you want to do. When you feel good about what you do, it makes you feel better about yourself.
Santos says of his images, “I like to see how Danza Down, Compañía Elías Lafuente works with dancers with disabilities.  It is beautiful and curious to see how professionals of different arts are engaged in this world, a world that most people do not care about.”
Please enjoy Santos’ photography and leave your comments below.  Visit Danza Down, Compañía Elías Lafuente online for more information.
-Written collaboratively by Anthony DiCostanzo, Anthony DiFato, Steven Filoramo, Joseph Jones, Gregory Perosi, and Dolores Palermo, with editing by Edward Gregory for Life-Wire News Service.
-Photos: Paco Santos, NWN Photography for Life-Wire News Service.
[Spanish translation below]
[Spanish translation by Danza Down, Compañía Elías Lafuente, Troupe]

Danza Down, Compañía Elías Lafuente, Troupe de Baile Español Demuestra Inclusión

Paco Santos de NWN Fotografía recientemente filmó a los bailarines de Danza Down Compañía  Elías Lafuente en un reciente ensayo. Las hermosas imágenes muestran la gran autoestima de los bailarines.

Danza Down Compañía Elías Lafuente es una compañía de bailarines que tienen síndrome de Down. Muestra que tener una discapacidad intelectual o física no debe impedir que usted haga lo que quiere hacer. Las fotos muestran cómo se sienten las personas cuando bailan. Vemos que no importa qué tipo de discapacidad tiene, puede hacer lo que quiera hacer. Cuando te sientes bien acerca de lo que haces, te hace sentir mejor contigo mismo.

Santos dice de sus imágenes: “Me gusta ver cómo Danza Down Compañía Elías Lafuente trabaja con bailarines con discapacidades, es hermoso y curioso ver cómo profesionales de diferentes artes se dedican a este mundo, un mundo que a la mayoría de la gente no le importa”.

Disfrute de la fotografía de Santos y deje sus comentarios a continuación. Visite Danza Down, Compañía Elías Lafuente en línea para obtener más información.

-Escrito en colaboración por Anthony DiCostanzo, Anthony DiFato, Steven Filoramo, Joseph Jones, Gregory Perosi, y Dolores Palermo, con la edición de Edward Gregory por Life-Wire News Service.
-Fotos: Paco Santos, NWN Photography por Life-Wire News Service.

Winter Birds and Owl Pellets at Gateway

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On a mild Thursday (Jan. 26), members of the Lifestyles Media Department went to Gateway National Recreation Area at Great Kills for a program on birds. It was just after a nor’easter had hit the area, and Park Services Ranger Kathy Garofalo explained that the birds had deserted the feeders. So with some models and magazines, she introduced us to a number of winter birds and provided color pencils and clay to create our own. Then for those who wanted a little more scientific experience, she provided owl pellets to be dissected. We learned that owls eat rodents, moles, shrews and birds. They swallow their prey whole, but they cannot digest the bones and fur, so they cough it back up in a pellet. Yum!

Thanks Kathy,

We really enjoyed our visit to Gateway’s Education Field Center in Great Kills Park. We liked the location, seeing the harbor in the distance, and learning about owls and other birds.

We appreciated your expertise and knowledge and hospitality.

You educated us about things we didn’t know before.

Thanks for helping us feel like scientists, especially when we dissected the owl pellets and collected the bones of a shrew and other animals.

It was also fun to make clay birds and to learn animal facts.

Best Regards,

Lifestyles Media Department

Anthony DiCostanzo, Anthony DiFato, Riki Garcia, Joseph Jones, Christopher Lazzaro, Greg Perosi and Eric Schwacke

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Our Goals for 2017

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The Life-Wire News Crew is setting their sights on the new year with fresh goals and aspirations.


“I want to teach people French, singing in French. And I want to learn to cook pasta.” -Sunnurha Vertus
Photo by Harry Rodriguez for Life-Wire News Service.


difato-by-kefalinos-1-13-17“I want to write my own mysteries.” -Anthony DiFato.
Photo by Anthony Kefalinos for Life-Wire News Service.


anthony-k-by-a-difato“I’d like to go to Coney Island during the summertime and take pictures of people on the beach, or at the Aquarium.” -Anthony Kefalinos.
Photo by Anthony DiFato for Life-Wire News Service.

“I want to cover a New York Giants game or a concert.” -Meredith Arout.
Photo by Yoni Chernok for Life-Wire News Service.

“I want to take pictures of the Army.” -Yoni Chernok.
Photo by Sannurha Vertus for Life-Wire News Service.

“I want to improve my interview skills.” -Joseph Padalino.
Photo by Salvatore DiBenedetto for Life-Wire News Service.

“I want to write poetry about people I know.” -Salvatore DiBenedetto.
Photo by Joseph Padalino for Life-Wire News Service.

“I want to learn how to fix a computer.” -Gregory Perosi.
Photo by Joseph Trischitti for Life-Wire News Service.

dolores-by-j-jones-1-4-2017“I want to be healthy.” -Dolores Palermo.
Photo by Joseph Jones for Life-Wire News Service.

Life-Wire Big 2017 Predictions

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Our Life-Wire News Service crew looks into their collective crystal ball to prognosticate into 2017.  What will the future bring?

Salvatore DiBenedetto. Photo by Meredith Arout for Life-Wire News Service.
  1. Taylor Swift will win best female vocalist at the American Music Awards -Sal DiBenedetto
  2. The Giants will win Super Bowl LI by 24 points.  Eli Manning will throw a long pass that will result in a touchdown. -Meredith Arout and Sal DiBenedetto
  3. Sherlock III will actually come out this year. -Anthony DiFato
  4. There will be a lot of snow in 2017. -Dolores Palermo
  5. 2017 will be a very controversial year. -Joseph Padalino

Oh, and this one:

6. The world will end. -Anthony Pabon

Top picks for holiday movies – a baker’s dozen

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Want to escape the frigid weather or take a break from the hustle and bustle? Lifestyles Media Department recommends watching a movie together, and its members have some picks from the annual favorites. Enjoy a clip and look for the full feature on Netflix, Youtube and network and cable TV channels.

In addition to “March of the Wooden Soldiers,” two other black-and-white classics get an honorable mention — “Miracle on 34th Street” and “It’s a Wonderful Life.” If you have any favorites, let us know. Here is the list from LIfestyle Media Department. Enjoy.

Watching the 1964 movie is a tradition for people of all ages. In it Rudolph meets the girl he loves, and she loves him. But Dad says, “No” to having the reindeer with the red nose in the family. (Dolores Palermo) 


Frosty is a snowman that has a top hat that causes him to move around in the school yard. But the top hat belongs to the self-obsessed magician named Professor Hinkle who wants his hat back. Karen, one of the school kids, and Hocus Pocus, the professor’s rabbit, help Frosty escape to the North Pole. Avoiding melting is a major problem. (Anthony DiCostanzo) 

The “round-headed kid” searches for the true meaning of Christmas with his friends. (Anthony Kefalinos)


Eight-year-old Kevin McCalister (Macaulay Culkin) gets left behind when his family goes on vacation. It sounds scary, but it ends up in a lot of comedy as he protects his house from two thieves. Is the original “Home Alone” your favorite or do you like one of the sequels better? (Meredith Arout)


Even Santa isn’t safe. In this 2006 comedy, he nearly loses his job when Jack Frost, takes over the Elves and remakes Christmas. (Kareem Ellison)


You will love the part where the children are in the mall and they’re getting ready to see Santa Claus. Santa Claus asks the children, “What do you want for Christmas?” Ralphie says, “A gun.” Santa says, “You’re gonna poke your eye out kid,” and kicks Ralphie down the slide with a “Ho, ho, ho.” The 1983 movie is an annual favorite. (Joseph Padalino) 

One night is crazier than the other when Davey Stone tries to reform during Hannukkah. The 2002 animation deals with adult themes such as alcoholism, depression and loss.  

As Santa’s helper, Will Ferrell, who plays Elf has a hard time fitting in. For one thing he is a human being and a lot taller than all the other elves. The 2003 Christmas comedy is funny and happy. (Riki Garcia) 

Watch the live action film starring Jim Carey or the 1966 animation. Whichever version you prefer, this Seuss classic is a delight for all ages. A new Grinch with the voice of Benedict Cumberbatch will be arriving next year, so it’s time to get familiar with these two. (Anthony DiFato)

Somewhere in Jerusalem, Mary is working in the fields. She hears the voice of an angel say, “You will bear a child.” This 2006 film tells the story that is behind the glitter of Christmas — the birth of the child, Jesus, and the visit of the Three Wise Men who follow a star to see him. (Sal DiBenedetto) 

It’s Jack Skellington vs Oogie BoogieJack reveals the fact that Oogie’s body is nothing but a bag of bugs when he defeats him. (Andrew Moszenberg)

Miss Piggy and Kermit lead the Muppet crew in a retelling of the Dickens’ classic tale and in many good songs such as “‘Tis the Season” and “Thankful Heart.” (Harry Rodriguez)