Lifestyles goes on set at Staten Island CTV

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“Quiet on the set! 5 – 4- 3- 2 …”

And so began a new Lifestyles for the Disabled community partnership with Community Television (CTV), a place where we can to go to produce television shows.

harry2We visited the studios on Cable Way in Mariners Harbor and were impressed with the knowledgeable people who work there and the facility which includes studios, offices, a green room and editing rooms.

For our first show, Kristin Dalton, a reporter with the Staten Island Advance/SILive interviewed Lifestyle participants and staff about their work on Life-Wire News Service, a voice for people with disabilities. Life-Wire founders and developer Eddy Gregory, Joseph Maturi and Kathryn Carse were joined by Lifestyles Associate Executive Director Scott Salinardi for the first segment. 

“Thanks to CTV, this helps us build our network and continue to grow our vision for   Life-Wire. The show was an opportunity for us to explain the work we do and the skills we are teaching to provide content at” – Joseph Maturi/Co-Founder of Life-Wire. 

“I was nervous to be on TV. I was afraid, what if I mess up,” said Meredith A. “But I was prepared and Kristin guided me when I hesitated.”

Meredith was part of a panel of future hosts along with Anthony P and Greg P. Meredith talked about her work as an interviewer and photographer which included working at 2016 NYC Fashion Week. Anthony described his experience interviewing and photographing the Staten Island Yankees. Greg recalled his interview with Staten Sen. Lanza at his annual Resource Fair.

“When I first got there, I was very enthusiastic about learning about TV and being on TV,” said Anthony Pabon. “Seeing the work that was being done was very impressive.”

Other Media Department members observed the taping from the audience. They saw lighting, sound checks and behind the scenes personnel in action.

“We had to be quiet during taping,” observed Yoni C.

He and Harry R helped document the activity by taking photographs (see gallery below).

Whether on the set or in the audience, everyone is looking forward to going back and thinking about the role they can play in future CTV productions.

“Where I went  today was the best expence I ever had,” said Dolores P. “I saw how to work on set with people that work at CTV. I also learned a lot of new things that I might like to do in the future.”

Meredith A., Yoni C., Andre F., Anthony P., Dolores P., and Harry R. with Kathryn Carse

Tune in Tonight 7/20 at 9pm ch. 37 for Fios customers and ch. 1997 for Spectrum Customers!

Photos by Yoni C and Harry R




Bonus track:  Dolores Palermo interviews Gregory Perosi about the new Life-Wire News.

The Trikes Arrive at Lifestyles

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Tricycles delivered to the courtyard of Building 15 created quite a buzz on Thursday. The eight NuvoTrikes were unloaded, sat upon and given a couple of quick test runs. The three-wheelers also piqued the curiosity of some of the members of the Media Department. Greg P got some background information by interviewing Chris Trifaro, who started the Tribro Cycles company with his brother Mike. Other Media Dept. members spoke to Scott Salinardi, director of programs, about how the program developed.

Greg: How did you get the idea for these bikes?
Trifaro: My brother’s son used to ride his big wheel around. And used to walk after him. So he said, “I have to get a tricycle or something to get some exercise with him.” And he asked me, and I welded something together for him. And then people saw it, and they wanted one. So we ended up going to a manufacturer; we got a patent. It took a few years and now we’re here.

Lifewire: Did Lifestyles purchase the tricycles or did someone donate them?
Salinardi: We bought them ourselves because it’s good for the program. They give us another feature to our exercise program and we can have some fun at the same time.

Lifewire: How did we make the connection with this company?
Salinardi: They came to the Hungerford Transition fair in May. We introduced ourselves and got to try their bikes.

Lifewire: Will using them require a crossing guard for safety?
Salinardi: Staff will be part of establishing the safety routines.

Lifewire: The tricycles have flags, are any other safety features planned?
Salinardi: Helmets are being purchased.

Lifewire: Is everyone going to try it out?
Salinardi: Yes, the tricycles are for everyone. They can be used for On the Go. Departments like the Greenhouse may be able to use them. And there are a few places we hope to take them. We can take them to the boardwalk, to Clove Lakes Park and the Conference House. 

In addition to Greg, Riki G, Joseph J, Eric S, Anthony D, and Mike C contributed to the interview.


Life-Wire Podcast: Joe’s Violin on PBS

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Joe’s Violin, the story of how a Holocaust survivor donated a violin to a Bronx school.

My heart was touched.  I liked it because he donated that violin from his heart.  When they met, I wanted to cry.  She played the violin very nicely and Joe was proud of her.  I would be too.

Joe’s Violin premieres on PBS’ POV, Monday, July 24, 2017, 10:00, check local listing.

-Review by Joseph Padalino with Edward Gregory. Photo by Frank Faretra.

For more about this film visit Joe’s Violin online.

To learn more about the premiere of Joe’s Violin on POV on PBS, visit the POV Website.